Friday, December 23, 2011

One thing I wish to add,Dec.23,2011..I don't want it to be misunderstood ,yes it is all abuse and no love.Unwanted,a throw away (feeling)The most important part of this how God taught me all things.Brought me through everything.When I felt all alone,nobody around..there was God.Always there with me.
How I shared,children were seen and not heard.We could ask questions all day long and never be acknowledged or ever get an answer.How strong the inward Knowledge was from God,how strong His love and Holy Presence was.Even tho the flesh felt left out,unwanted,I had all the Love of the Father within me.I was always in the know..always had answers,always was taught right from wrong!!
There really is nothing at all I could ever give to Him in return.But my life,my heart,soul & mind.To belong to Him 100%
When times come along where I begin to feel lonely,maybe I would like a companion,a coffee pal..I know instantly in my soul, "I am right here with you.You are not ever alone.I will not ever leave you or forsake you....Don't I give you all the strength that you need for groceries,laiundry etc.Everything,I supply all of your needs....I feel that God wants me all to Himself.As anybody I ever was with,passed on.
Physically ,it is a lonely place,spiritually I am filled beyond all joy. Joan Rogers

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